sixth of august, two thousand fifteen

In one year from now, I want to be able to read this and wholeheartedly believe it was all for “now.” (I’m tired of ‘somedays’.) I want to be reassured that failures are inevitable because there is always more to learn and there are even more spaces of sky to breathe in; failures happen because I’m human. I work hard and invest, but sometimes there is a lesson that will bring forth more water-to-wine change in my spirit than could ever be hoped for from getting what I want. I hope in one year from now, I will have finally learned to take people out of the equation because in the biggest photo of things, it’s me+God, and nothing else really matters. I hope by that time, I will have claimed my failures as my own, and named them, Steadfast, Brave, and Hope. And hopefully after one year from now, I’ll remember all of the failures that came with this season and laugh knowing that after each one, (eventually!!) came a success. But what made them so remarkable were the failures that came before them.


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