cut, pull, change.

I have been camping out in the story of creation, starting my trek in Genesis. I see myself in the flowers- in the way they need fresh cuts and new water every day to stay healthy, and occasionally they need a dying petal pulled.

Throughout creation, God separates + calls (names). This separation in the beginning was good; it was only when we messed up that separation became a bad thing. “God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night.” He’s in the business of restoring a dying world to Eden, and I see Him doing the same in my own life with His hands that separate. He takes me away from golden securities and afterwards? He speaks my name again, calling out to me, reminding me that He already claimed me years ago.

I see my refinement in the lives of the flowers. Gentle hands that cut and pull and change, only to give them the fullest life possible. So He does with me.


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