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i carry your heart with me i carry it in my heart II ee cummings

If you read the entire poem (one of my favorites) you’ll find that he is so moved by a love that transcends the separation of stars and casts out fear. And I suppose what I’m saying is, I want this belief and faith to express itself through my First Love’s love for me. Because if I can’t live truly wholeheartedly, believing in His radical love for me- free from fear and anxiety and a need to perform and earn His affections- then what’s the point?  And even though I have done that so often, I want to grow out of it. I think it’s about slowing down and remembering that I’m carrying Him with me. Hopefully it’ll come to be as effortless as breathing. I won’t have to slow down and remember; I’ll just know.

So here’s to another year of slowing down to remember that He’s with me & hugging Him a little tighter, so fear and anxiety don’t have space to wiggle in.


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