gluttony (lusting)

Habbakuk 2:5

…like death, he never has enough.”

I read this today, and I was full of shame. One thing that has been revealed to my heart lately is that I am not letting Jesus be my satisfaction. I’ve turned gifts into idols: adventure, experience, love, good coffee. They’ve all become idols and they haven’t been satisfying me the way my sweet Jesus does. That’s why when opportunities for adventure have been falling through lately, I’ve been becoming so incredibly sad about it. I’ve been living as death: greedy and ungracious.

But God,

Being rich in His mercy and abundant in His love, is giving me the grace and the faith to believe that He is enough. And because He is a good Abba, He will give me my desires (which are ultimately His desires) without delay, because they will be fulfilled in His perfect timing.


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