The Shift

Cozy and comfortable I find unbearable
But they seduce me with promises of rest and recovery
When in the end, I’m left with complacency

My God, how did we get here in this big ol’ easy chair
That has chained down my wrists
And left me with cold, purple limbs?

I’ve become a part of this place,
I’ve melted into its perfect cookie cutter frame.
Mmm, a cookie? I’ll have one, maybe two…twenty?

And as I stuff my face, consumed with gluttony,
The hurting cry out around me
“God, where are we?

Where are you?
As your followers around us
Are lustfully consumed with all that glitters but will soon rust”
Because you see my church, we’re soon to bust

We’re shoving creations down our throat
Leaving room for only us,
Even God himself is being pushed and shoved into corners
As we muffle our own cries,

Fearful of what?
Having hearts of flesh instead of an empty treasure chest?

God, I pray you rip open my chest and make me less
I pray I see myself as yours
Instead of a copy of a copy of a copy
Of what this earth bore

Take this heart of stone and these old wretched bones
And make them new
God, let me see only you


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