I bit off flower petals
And stood at the shore of the ocean
Beating against my chest
“Am I missed?
Can you hear me in this wilderness?”

Desperate for just one kiss
Of hallelujah
From a perfect pair of broken lips
That understands the ebb and flow of life:
The celebration that follows consumption
With that first breath of air

Simply because it’s a kiss that understands
Supernovas in their climax of light,
Simultaneously exploding,
Ultimately dying
The paradox of a man
Pleading with His final breath
For those who shouted “crucify!”

It’s a kiss that sees me hungry for life at the ocean’s edge
Beating against my chest
Entrenched in the hellish mysteries of wilderness
Lands on my forehead and whispers tenderly
“I’ve been through this.”


I have this hunger pain whose growls drown out the people trying to feed me

They may as well crucify themselves next to Christ

Because I can’t hear Him either

When He’s begging for my life

“Father, forgive her for she knows not what she has done.

This disbelief came upon her like an ulcer

Layered in worry and stress.

Now here she is, chewing on her own hand

Much easier to eat than this two thousand year old piece of bread

Loosening her belt as a glutton

Yet tightening the noose around her neck.”

It’s taken me too long to see

That I’m feeding this hunger that’s eating me from the inside out

With doubt in the only One who can satisfy me.